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An Act of Kindness does not have to be something major. Kindness comes in many different shapes and sizes, and best off all it is free.

TWILY helps and assists you in organising a 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge each year for your business or corporation.

How can TWILY help my business?

Performing the TWILY 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge has proven to increase motivation and productivity among work groups as well as company loyalty when it is part of the work culture. Other benefits of the 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge are witnessing first hand kindness being performed or received. All of which lowers stress levels and creates improvement of overall mental health.

Performing unselfish acts for others benefits everyone involved. Many of the problems associated with incivility stem from a sense of disconnect; everyone pursuing selfish gain without a thought or sense of responsibility toward others.

What can you do to spread kindness and improve your workplace? What more can you do beyond writing a big check to a charitable organization or just giving away free stuff? Those things are good, but the TWILY 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge is all about giving on the human level – sharing a moment of surprise and elation with a colleague with no strings attached.

If you are serious about building a stronger team, this may just be the team building event of the year.

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