7-Day Challenge

The TWILY – 7-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge has been designed for children of all school ages to greatly improve their social interactions with others, and has been proven to reduce bullying throughout schools. Research shows that teaching and encouraging social and emotional skills like these improves behaviour and learning aptitude. More importantly, and what we are trying to achieve, is a caring environment for students, teachers and the community.

Our mission is to empower children to be caring, respectful and socially aware leaders of the next generation whilst raising vital funds through sponsorship for the school.

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The 7-Day Challenge in the News: Juice 107.3 Gold Coast

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Signing your school up to the TWILY 7-Day Acts of Kindness Challenge can reap enormous benefits, including:

  • Decreased instances of bullying
  • Develops and improves empathy
  • Raises funds and sponsorship for the school
  • Teaches respect for others
  • Helps to change the culture of the school
  • Reduces negative behaviour
  • No man hours required for school staff or parents
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Increases social awareness
  • Creates a positive atmosphere
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