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Make Someone’s Day

A single act of kindness can create ripples of joy all around us. This is the cornerstone of TWILY Acts of Kindness – thousands of complete strangers everywhere helping each other out, one good deed at a time. Everyone in life wants to leave a legacy. Let TWILY help you take that first step.

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For Couples

Whether you’ve just met that special someone or you’ve been married for years, there’s no better time than now to show your partner just how much they mean to you. TWILY’s journals help you transform your relationship and grow together, in less than 5 minutes a day. Then there’s the TWILY Date Night membership card – your key to opening a world of fantastic shared discounts and benefits.

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For Schools

Increase classroom self-esteem and kick bullying to the curb. The TWILY 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge helps children of all ages improve their social interactions, creating safe school environments through positive character development. Sign your school up today and start empowering kids to be caring, respectful and socially aware leaders of the next generation.

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For Your Workplace

Businesses and work groups around the world are using TWILY to increase motivation, productivity and company loyalty, with amazing results. Find out how TWILY can help you organise a 7 Day Acts of Kindness Challenge each year for your business or corporation.

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TWILY’s mission is to change your mindset and how you think about your loved ones and people around you. TWILY was designed to motivate you to look for positivity every day – to focus on all the positives, and not the negatives. We stand for making every relationship in your life a fulfilling one, where you show appreciation and kindness. We guarantee that this will improve any relationship.

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  • 63 students @HilderRdSS raised $1927 doing #7DayAOK challenge for the chaplain this term #sponsorship . Great effort all involved

  • #7DayAOK Challenge starts for @HilderRdSS on Monday this term. Good luck all #sponsorship

  • #7DayAOK challenge @HilderRdSS will be running the scheme again this term for the whole school #sponsorship #ThatsWhyILoveYou

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